Sunday, 5 April 2009

Giveaway - Domino Pendant

Wowee - I've reached over 3000 visitors on my blog, so to celebrate I just had to have a giveaway. I recently been making domino pendants, which are made using vintage wooden dominoes. It's a good recycling project because you can use old dominoes and paper scraps.

You can either choose one of the punk rock skull pendants or the genuine Japanese Chiyogami pendant. Both styles use the vintage dominoes. I've loved making these, and although I love my glass, I just need a little distraction from time to time.

So to be in with a chance of winning one of these pendants, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post about how you came to find me here. It's that easy.

One of you lucky people will be wearing an original vintage dominoe as a pendant, how cool. All you have to do is put it on a chain. Simplezz.
The closing date is Friday 10th April, when I will pick a random name from the list.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy xx


Butterfly Sparkle said...

I found you through the Crafter...oo! forums!
I'd love to win a punk rock pendant, they're gorgeous. :)

Nicola said...

I found you through crafter-oo too :)
Nic xx

folkmonkey said...

These are so lovely, like everything you post here! And funnily enough, I too have been saying 'simplezz' all day like that Meerkat!

Anna x

Mel P said...

I found you via Lauras' blog, there are scrummy!

Carolee Crafts said...

I love these particularly the oriental ones, another beautiful make.

Janet said...

I found you when I was searching for an answer to a dichro glass problem I'm having. Didn't find the answer, but was intrigued ... and nostalgic for when my girls were as small as yours! Loved having those little ones all to myself. They are 16 and 11 now, and while I miss the babies, it is fun to have them actually taking part in my glass hobby and coming up with ideas and techniques of their own.

Janet said...

Oops, sent that too soon accidentally. Anyway, I like the variety of things you are making -- very creative and cute!

Lottie said...

I found you on the crafts forum :) Lovely pendants especially the punk rock ones =D

Lottie (Rainbow Central)

Wedgie said...

I found you on the Craft Forum...and so glad I did, these are gorgeous!


JanJ said...

Hi, I found you on the Crafts Forum (I'm Autumn Faerie), your pendants are great, really orginal

Jan xx

Aviya Glass said...

I have 'met' you on the craft forum - I LOVE your fish - they are so beautiful and these are very cute too!

Anonymous said...

I found you on the Crafts Forum - I'm Fluffy Squirrel.

I love your oriental themed pendants - they are beautiful, as is all of your work.

I'd love to win one of your pendants to wear with my gorgeous dress before baby bump grows so much that I can't fit in!!

Laura xxx

James said...

James from entering your competition. They look great! (and congrats of getting 3K visitors to your blog.

If I win my contact email is on the site :)

Best regards.

Anonymous said...

Oh these are just fabulous Kathryn! I'd love to win one :D

I'm another crafter..oo type!

Blueberry Park said...

Hey, they are so cool (and love the tutorial - just in case I don't win :-)) Karen x

julie said...

l found you through the craft forum and l will be back. l'm new to blogs(1 day)so am taking everything in and currently spending little time on either crafts and family. Julie x