Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New Products

I have just listed some new items on my website - Silver mounted scarf clips with dichroic glass cabochons (above).
I really love the bright blue dichroic glass pendant with antiqued filigree accent (below):

And finally, some Totem pendants have been added to my website. The photos never do the product justice. They look much better when worn! Believe me, whenever I attend a craft fair/event, people comment on how nice and unusual they are:

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Friday, 25 September 2009

Special Delivery ........... I'm the Proud Mother of

George, my new kiln - isn't it fantastic. Yes, I've named my kiln George, don't know why, just thought I should name it, being it's new mummy.

I've been waiting for my kiln for quite a few weeks and now it's here!!

When I first told my hubby the size, he said "that's not a problem, it'll easily fit into the shed". I tried to express my concerns - "it's very heavy and very bulky", I said.

You see, my hubby is so horizontal about everything and never worries about anything. Today however, that all changed. Just seeing the look on his face when he saw it parked on the driveway. "How heavy is it?", he asked, "324kg", I replied, "OH", was the response. It was one of those - I told you so moments.

I'm sure he was thinking IKEA built it and it came flat-packed!!

I'm also proud to say that:

Yes, that's right, the kiln is built in the UK - now you don't see that very often, do you??

Now, it's going to be a three-man job trying to get it into my new studio. Can't wait to see that!
Ummmm, how we gonna get that in there then???
Here's George, stripped naked - this is his temporary home, hubby now has to take the panelling down to fit through to my studio. That's a job for another day. Just as well I have a very handy man to do all these jobs for me!
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Time Out.... For Chips on the River Spey

I visited Ewe and Me in Aberlour this morning as I had a request for some glass goodies. My daughter always enjoys visiting the shop as she ends up playing with all the toys. She took a shine to Mr Owl today, thinking it was a penguin.

As it was lunchtime when we left the shop, I was drawn to the chip shop opposite (as you do). It was just too convenient - so bought a smoked sausage supper. I drove down to Craigellachie and parked by the River Spey. There is a little beach area right on the river, on a sunny day it's beautiful. It was rather a grey day today.
The infamous iron bridge was constructed in 1814 by Thomas Telford, who was a shepherd's son and became one of the leading civil engineers in Britain. The bridge is probably the oldest cast iron bridges in Scotland. The iron was cast in Wales when transported by canal, sea and wagons to Craigellachie - just think how long what would have taken.

The River Spey can be wild, with strong currents and flash floods. For many centuries, ferries were the main way of getting across - fine when the river was low, but potentially dangerous when the river was a raging torrent. Hence the need to build this bridge
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Monday, 21 September 2009

Open Studios - the end

Well it's been a long 10 days - exhibiting at Boharm Hall. Overall, it's been quieter than last year, but quite a few people had some sales. I have done well, although down on last year. Perhaps it's down to the economic situation - who knows. It was good to catch up with all the other exhibitors and we'll be getting together next week for a meeting on how to promote arts and crafts in the local area.

There is such a lot of talen in the local area, but we feel that we do not have enough publicity.

I have some trade orders to catch up with, so it looks like I will be busy this week.

Also waiting on a very special delivery - watch this space!!

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Thursday, 17 September 2009

National Cupcake Week

Did you realise that it's National Cupcake Week - it wasn't until Cuteable featured one of my own cupcake glass tile pendants that I knew anything about it either.

So I am going to feature some handmade cupcake goodies from Folksy. The first one (above) is from Purple Sparkle Crafts and I can highly recommend them as I have some of my own. This one is the Sugar Pink Marshmallow candle - isn't it great and they smell delicious!

Cupcake Pendant by Cherryloco
Knitted Cupcake by Crazy Dazy Knits

Appliqued Art by Little Blue Bird

Wooden Cupcake Hanging by the Scrummy Yummy Shop

Cupcake Tea Cosy by TrulyScrumptious

I just had to include the tea cosy - afterall, you need a good cup of tea to go with your scrummy cupcake!!

I hope you enjoyed my Folksy finds.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

North East Open Studios (NEOS) - Update

Our local village hall in Mulben has been transformed into a gallery once again, as part of the NEOS annual event.
We have some new exhibitors this year - Sally Williams (spinning), Peter Harvey (photography), Lyndsay Watt (potter/sculpture), Jane Lannagan (batik artist), Joyce Wiseman (multi-media) and Peter Duncan (photography).
The spinning demonstrations are proving popular with people wanting to have a go:
Here's Lyndsay, the potter:
Some of the stances:

Sunday was a busy day and the atmosphere has been really good. The feedback from visitors has been positive and they have been leaving encouraging comments in the visitor book.

If you are local, please pop along and have a look at some of the local talent - you will be amazed!!

If art is not your cup of tea, then we have plenty of other things to look at. Talking of cup of tea - we are also offering refreshments with homebakes. And it's free entry. The exhibition is open daily until Monday 21st September.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Monday, 14 September 2009

Fused Glass Pendants

I have been trying out a new glass for fusing - and came up with these sliders.

They are called sliders because a hole is created through the glass where thing is used to hand them. Fibre paper is used during the firing process to create a hole - the paper is rolled up tightly and placed on the base glass (where you want to hole to appear). A piece of glass is then placed over the top of the paper and the piece is fused.

Fibre paper is specially formulated for kiln use and will not burn away during firing. It is also used to line the kiln shelf to protect glass from sticking to it.

I have put the pendants on leather thong - it really suits them. They will be added to my website later this evening.
Just a reminder - I am exhibiting at Boharm Hall during the North East Open Studios annual event. The hall is open daily until Monday 21 September. There have been quite a few visitors already, which is encouraging.
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Thursday, 10 September 2009

North East Open Studios (NEOS)

I will be taking part in the North East Open Studios from Saturday 12 September - Monday 21 September. We have organised our local hall (Boharm Hall, Mulben) to be listed as a gallery and have 19 exhibitors taking part. There will be a mix of art and craft, ranging from art, textiles, multi-media, jewellery, fused glass, spinning, kilt-making, photography, pottery/sculpture.

We ran the event last year and it was such a great success, both for the exhibitors and visitors.

Set-up was tonight, and have to say that the hall looks great.

Preview night is tomorrow night (sorry by invitation only). The grand opening to the public will be Saturday. We will be running a cafe again this year with soup and homebakes.
If you live nearby, please pop in to have a look - you will be amazed at the talent in the local area. Prices to suit all pockets!!

(These photos were taken last year). I will update next week with new photos from this years' exhibitors.
I will not be present until Sunday as I am also attending the RAF Leuchars Air Show this Saturday. Hopefully, it will be a good trading day, fingers crossed.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wedding Day - Something for Him

I received an order from my website last week - a groom had ordered the above cufflinks for his wedding day. Obviously a red theme - I bet they looked smart. I also put some complimentary fused glass love tokens into the package as I thought they could be used as wedding favours. I hope they liked them.

I love these fused glass love tokens and they have been really popular this year. I also make them as key fobs and MacDonald Framing in Edinburgh sell the hangers.

They are perfect as wedding favours, with the Highland Coo ideal for Highland weddings.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Talk About Bad Luck

As some of you may have gathered - I should be attending the Dundee Flower and Food Festival, but due to adverse weather conditions had to return home. We arrived in Dundee late Thursday afternoon, the rain was constant and things didn't get any better.

I had an outside pitch booked, but couldn't put the gazebo up in the bad weather so enquired about a space in the craft marquee - I was lucky, someone had cancelled. BUT, we couldn't pitch our tent as the ground was a bog. So that meant the three of us sleeping in a small van, which we were prepared to do, accept that we had so much stock and equipment, we couldn't store it anywhere. The ground in the marquee was too wet to store my things, so that meant we didn't have anywhere to sleep. After 2 hours of umming and ahhing, we decided to cut our losses and leave, by this time we were all soaked and daughter was getting itchy. I was gutted as the weekend cost alot of money and I wouldn't be able to recoup any money.

After another 3.5 hours drive, we arrived home safely at 11.30pm. It was quite a scary ride because the road was flooded in many areas. We eventually got to bed at 1am, thoroughly whacked.

Only to wake to this.......

These pictures were taken when the water levels were dropping, it was worse than this.

We couldn't believe it. I looked out of the bedroom window and shouted at my husband "we're flooded", "yeah right" was his reaction. "No, seriously, WE ARE FLOODED". Never saw him move so fast!!

Luckily, the local farmers were out in the Loadall shifting earth to create a bank to divert the torrent of water from coming into our garden.

Thank god, it worked. We only had a wet porch floor. The rest of the house was dry.

The farmer told us that had they not have diverted the water away from our house, we would have been flooded in a few seconds. Phew!
I don't normally swear, but have to say that I have had a bloody crap week. Everything has been going wrong in the last few days; lost alot of money from the show, someone broke my gazebo and replacement parts didn't come in time for the Dundee show, other deliveries didn't arrive, my new kiln still hasn't arrived, ran out of time to make stock ........ the list continues!!
In fact, I just didn't have a good feeling about going to the Dundee show. I didn't have the usual enthusiasm and even commented to the hubby, that if he didn't want to go, we could stay home - this is very unusual for me. However, we were so glad to be home, especially after the flooding problems. As the hubby said "we made the right decision to come home".

Anyway, I will now be attending the Huntly Hairst tomorrow, someone left a messaeg to ask if I could attend to fill a last minute cancellation. Hopefully I can recoup some money.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Fused Glass Pendants

These pendants will be heading down to Touched by Scotland this week. I usually put the pendants on to sterling chains, but they preferred the leather thong, and have to admit, I really like them too.
So now have made a batch of pendants with leather thong - these will be heading down to the Dundee Flower and Food Festival this weekend.
I have also been stocking up on the Harris Tweed brooches:

This is one of my many recent firings - full of pendants. The majority being dichroic:

I will be at the Dundee Flower and Food Festival this weekend - I am taking my own gazebo, so will not be in the craft marquee. If you will be attending, make sure to pop along and say hi.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx