Thursday, 4 March 2010 - For Crafters and Makers is a free general noticeboard for trips, courses, workshops, accommodation and events. We spend a lot of time digging around trying to find exciting and unusual things to do - all events listed on are by individuals or companies. Listings are from passionate people who really care and offer the chance of participating in something you do not normally hear about.

People browsing the site can find local stuff going on near them, but if people are travelling abroad and want to take part in the more unusual non-tourist activities, these are also listed. Basically, whatever you're looking for, whether it be this weekend, next weekend, home or away, anyone can book new things to do.

Some of the great 'crafty' things listed in the UK are; silk painting, shibori indigo dyeing, kimono dressing, omiyage, bush craft, carving in stone - to name but a few.

Other outdoor type activities include beekeeping taster day, graffiti, hedge laying, mountaineering, surfing and more.

There's even stuff for foodies - food smoking, preparing for an afternoon tea, chocolate shoe making - loads more.

In fact, it's a great site and have found some wonderful things to try, I haven't heard of some them!

If you have something to offer, why not list it on - its FREE. Check it out now!

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

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Mel P said...

Fab website thanks Kathryn xx