Sunday, 12 July 2009

Spotlight on Sticks and Stones Photography

I met Moragh at the Cullen Craft fair this weekend and spent some time talking about websites, marketing etc. Her Stones photography is very quirky and funny:

Meet James and Dougal - aren't they funny

Moragh lives in NE Scotland and sells her work online: - check out her site. I love the stones, and looks like she is introducing The Shells: Of course, there are more 'sensible' shots as well, and particularly like this one of Cullen Pier:
Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Cullen was a bit dull today and it just rained all day, which I think put people off from visiting the craft fair. Sales were slightly better, people seemed to come in the last hour of the day. Hey, and I won two raffle prizes.

My neighbour, who had a stall at the craft fair has persuaded me to go surfing. Yeah that's right... surfing!! At your age, I hear you say. Anything for a laugh, I say! So we've been dreaming of what it might be like - hunky surf instructor, driving his VW camper, listening to The Beach Boys, drinking beers round the camp fire on the beach ........ hey, hey, hey. BUMP - back to reality. We actually met the instructor today - he's 6" tall, hasn't got a campervan and certainly doesn't like The Beach Boys. I ask myself, what surfer dude doesn't like the Beach Boys??

Me and Kirsty surfing (NOT)

So it looks like me and Kirsty (thanks Kirsty for volunteering me to go surfing) will be riding the waves shortly.... I'll update when this happens.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy xx

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