Sunday, 19 July 2009

A Relaxing Time and New Glass

Haven't done much in terms of glass over the last week as I have been taking a little rest. Life has been completely made since I attended the Trade Show back in April, and have been needing to spend some quality time with my daughter. And its been wonderful, we've had a great time.
Today we went to a birthday party in the village and had a fab time. I even managed a couple of glasses of Shampoo - as I wasn't driving!

Being carted around in a toy push-along

Earlier this week I took delivery of some rather fancy glass:
Not sure what I will be doing with it yet, but couldn't resist!! Although I will have to keep the pink/black/white glass separate from my usual fusing glass as it is a different COE (Coefficient of Expansion), which basically means that glass expands and contracts at different rates during the heating process. If they are similar, they will 'fit' or will be compatible once fused.

I normally work with COE90 (which seems to be the more popular), but the new glass I ordered is COE96 and will have to be fused together with other COE96 glass.

Who would have thought that glass could be so technical!

But that's the joy of what I make and do. I still get a buzz from opening the kiln and not knowing what will greet me - sometimes you are really surprised with what comes out, but also, some disappointments. Not all firings are successful, you can get glass slippages and moisture, that can completely ruin a piece. But I still love my job.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx


eve said...

can i ask why you had a few glasses of shampoo, is this correct or should this be wine (ha)

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

It was champagne, commonly known as shampoo

xo.sorcha.ox said...

The glass in this post is gorgeous! I'm a little clueless when it comes to fusing glass, but I think it'd make super cute earrings (my one jewellery weakness)...

Whitney said...

Those glasses are beautiful! Can't wait to see what you make!