Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot - then Not!!

Totem Pendants

I have recently made a batch of Totems - back by popular demand. So many people have been asking for these lately, but I had lost my creative juices for making these. They take a bit of thought and I couldn't get my head around the designs, so haven't made any for a while. They will be added to my website over the next couple of days.

Well, it's certainly been hot, hot, hot lately - too hot to be couped-up inside my studio, when the kiln has been on! You can imagine the heat the kiln gives off - together with the sunny weather we've been having. I tend to work mainly in the evenings to avoid so much heat.

It was 28 degrees today, very sunny and hot - We (daughter and I) have been having picnics in the garden every day. It's great to be in the garden, but, it doesn't get my orders done! We were enjoying the weather this afternoon when the heavens opened, and we had torrential rain, with thunder and lightening. It was mad. Can't say that it has cleared the air though - now it's quite clammy.
Flooding - from the torrential rain today (above)

I'm now looking out of the window and there is a pinkish sky, so perhaps the good weather will return tomorrow (yes, it's 10.45pm and it's still daylight!!).

One of my customer orders (well part order, the rest has been packaged) - this lot was sent to Somerset:

Pop Art Pendants and Dinkies

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy xx


Mel P said...

These pendants are totally STUNNING, love them xxx

Caz said...

I love those totem pendants,very unusual!

Run Wild Horses said...

The totem pendant are stunning, i love the colouring of the piece in the first picture and the overall shape of the design is fascinating.
Well done.