Saturday, 11 July 2009

New Display - Acrylic Cube System

A package arrived yesterday, just in time for my craft fair today. What was it, I hear you ask, well it's my new acrylic cube display - looks rather professional don't you think?. I've been wanting to use something on my display that would add height and extra room and have been searching around on the internet for a while - so decided this would be the most suitable. Here it is in action today, at Cullen Craft Fair.

I'm really pleased with the effect and can now display more objects, which includes some of my glass art. Craft fair tables are not generous in size and always struggled fitting everything on them - and that was just the jewellery!

The fair wasn't particularly busy today, so hopefully the hoards of people will be visiting tomorrow!
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy xx


eve said...

Seen your stand on flickr, think it's great, i'm looking for something simalar, hope yo are busy tomorrow,x

Vicki said...

Oh wow, love it!!! I want one :-) and your stall loves a-MAZING!!!! YAY! xxx well done!

katielyn said...

That display looks great!