Monday, 9 March 2009

Time for Tea Craft Swap

Over on the Crafteroo craft forum (, Yvonne from Blottedcopybook ( came up with the brilliant idea of the Time for Tea Swap. Members of the forum had to register their interest, complete a short questionnaire and Yvonne then paired everyone up. There has been a great response, with 30 crafters registering. Here are the questions with my answers:

1) What do you like to do, craftwise?
I make fused glass stuff as a job, but like to do anything crafty; cardmaking, knitting, buttons

2) What do you like to do to relax?
Sit down in front of tv, watch a good movie, with a glass of rum and some chocolate.

3) What is your favourite type of tea?
Red Bush (caffeine free)

4) How do you take your tea? (With milk? With sugar? With lemon? With cake?
Are you a biscuit dipper?) No milk, no sugar, just plain red bush tea, with a large muffin and I'm definitely a dipper.

Tell your partner a little about you (include likes and dislikes here)
LIKES - I enjoy life, being a mother (she's 20 months old), love fused glass art, developed a thing for fabric buttons but don't know what to do with them, all kinds of pop music, photography, love cakes especially cupcakes.
DISLIKES - not much, oh - cleaning the house (not my strong point)

I have been paired with Laura from Beads by Laura ( You must check out Laura's blog - she is a connoisseur of making lampwork cupcakes. Her work is absolutely exquisite. She also has an Etsy shop, details can be found on her blog. These are her cupcakes:
I did warn you - don't they look so scrummy

We now have to make a Time for Tea-related item, buy some tea bags and craft materials/supplies that my partner can use. These items then have to be packaged together and sent by Friday March 27th 2009.

I will of course update you at the end of March and show you what I made. Please check back soon.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy xx

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