Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Fine Silver Pendants - for Mothers Day

Fine Silver Double Heart - textured (above)

Fine Silver Pendant - Handstamped with MUM (above)

I have created these fine silver pendants for Mothers Day. I had a commission to make a fingerprint heart pendant for a friend and had some other ideas in my head, so went about creating.

Precious Metal Clay or Silver Art Clay is manufactured in Japan. It is currently available in fine silver (0.999%) and 24K gold. The clay is made up of small silver particles combined with a non toxic binder and water. Once fired the non toxic binder burns away and the water evaporates. It leaves the finished piece in its ‘original ‘ state, giving you the choice of type of finish. This means that your silver does not have to be the high shine that we associate with silver but can be finished to give a matt or semi-matt appearance simply by using a stainless steel brush. I like to create textured pieces to add depth.
I am currently working on my new website design and will be adding these to the website over the next couple of days.

God made a wonderful Mother
A Mother who doesn't grow old
He made her a smile of sunshine
And a heart of pure gold
In her cheeks he placed fair roses
in her eyes, stars that shine
God made a wonderful Mother
And that wonderful Mother is mine

Happy Mother's Day

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy xx


jolicious said...

lovely pendants!

Gill said...

Great pendants! I especially like the first one!!

Glamglass said...

They are lovely!