Wednesday, 3 February 2010

How to Drill Holes in Glass

Since purchasing my bench pillar drill, I have been busy drilling holes in my glass pieces. I first created my wave clocks, then moved on to the 'True Blood' Hearts (above). I have to say, the thought of drilling glass petrified me. But, with the right tools, it's quite easy. And you do not have to buy a flushing head kit to drill holes. I create wells around holes by using clay:

Fill the well with water:

Here you can see I have drilled eight holes in the heart:

Some useful tips on how to drill holes in glass:

1) User diamond drill bits, not carbide. Sintered drill bits have diamond content throughout the tip of the drill, so when it wears down, you can run it through a dressing stick to expose new diamonds. Thus extending its lifespan.
2) Use diamond hole saws to drill holes 1/4" or larger, but also for drilling thick glass. I drill 6mm, so I use a hole saw.
3) Use plenty of lubricant (water) to keep the drill bit cool and clean.
4) Use less pressure - the drill will work at its own pace. Don't be hasty!
5) Diamond hole saws work better at 600-900rpm.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

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