Thursday, 24 September 2009

Time Out.... For Chips on the River Spey

I visited Ewe and Me in Aberlour this morning as I had a request for some glass goodies. My daughter always enjoys visiting the shop as she ends up playing with all the toys. She took a shine to Mr Owl today, thinking it was a penguin.

As it was lunchtime when we left the shop, I was drawn to the chip shop opposite (as you do). It was just too convenient - so bought a smoked sausage supper. I drove down to Craigellachie and parked by the River Spey. There is a little beach area right on the river, on a sunny day it's beautiful. It was rather a grey day today.
The infamous iron bridge was constructed in 1814 by Thomas Telford, who was a shepherd's son and became one of the leading civil engineers in Britain. The bridge is probably the oldest cast iron bridges in Scotland. The iron was cast in Wales when transported by canal, sea and wagons to Craigellachie - just think how long what would have taken.

The River Spey can be wild, with strong currents and flash floods. For many centuries, ferries were the main way of getting across - fine when the river was low, but potentially dangerous when the river was a raging torrent. Hence the need to build this bridge
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx


cupotea said...

mmm I fancy a chippie now.
Nice pics :D

Glamglass said...

Looks like a great day out!!