Friday, 25 September 2009

Special Delivery ........... I'm the Proud Mother of

George, my new kiln - isn't it fantastic. Yes, I've named my kiln George, don't know why, just thought I should name it, being it's new mummy.

I've been waiting for my kiln for quite a few weeks and now it's here!!

When I first told my hubby the size, he said "that's not a problem, it'll easily fit into the shed". I tried to express my concerns - "it's very heavy and very bulky", I said.

You see, my hubby is so horizontal about everything and never worries about anything. Today however, that all changed. Just seeing the look on his face when he saw it parked on the driveway. "How heavy is it?", he asked, "324kg", I replied, "OH", was the response. It was one of those - I told you so moments.

I'm sure he was thinking IKEA built it and it came flat-packed!!

I'm also proud to say that:

Yes, that's right, the kiln is built in the UK - now you don't see that very often, do you??

Now, it's going to be a three-man job trying to get it into my new studio. Can't wait to see that!
Ummmm, how we gonna get that in there then???
Here's George, stripped naked - this is his temporary home, hubby now has to take the panelling down to fit through to my studio. That's a job for another day. Just as well I have a very handy man to do all these jobs for me!
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx


Azure Islands Designs said...

You must be so is always fun to finally receive a new piece of equipment or supplies, but this is extra special!!!!!!!

Nicola said...

How fabulous!! Reminds me of the bugs bunny cartoon with the Abominable snowman...

Hugo the Abominable Snowman: [picks up Bugs Bunny] My OWN little bunny rabbit, d'oy.
Bugs Bunny: Hey! An abominabuble snowman!
Hugo the Abominable Snowman: I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him...
And I will give him security! And I will keep him warm like a mother hen, so he will never feel rejected or lack for love.

lol - so I can see why you called your kiln George!! ;)
Nic xx