Saturday, 5 September 2009

Talk About Bad Luck

As some of you may have gathered - I should be attending the Dundee Flower and Food Festival, but due to adverse weather conditions had to return home. We arrived in Dundee late Thursday afternoon, the rain was constant and things didn't get any better.

I had an outside pitch booked, but couldn't put the gazebo up in the bad weather so enquired about a space in the craft marquee - I was lucky, someone had cancelled. BUT, we couldn't pitch our tent as the ground was a bog. So that meant the three of us sleeping in a small van, which we were prepared to do, accept that we had so much stock and equipment, we couldn't store it anywhere. The ground in the marquee was too wet to store my things, so that meant we didn't have anywhere to sleep. After 2 hours of umming and ahhing, we decided to cut our losses and leave, by this time we were all soaked and daughter was getting itchy. I was gutted as the weekend cost alot of money and I wouldn't be able to recoup any money.

After another 3.5 hours drive, we arrived home safely at 11.30pm. It was quite a scary ride because the road was flooded in many areas. We eventually got to bed at 1am, thoroughly whacked.

Only to wake to this.......

These pictures were taken when the water levels were dropping, it was worse than this.

We couldn't believe it. I looked out of the bedroom window and shouted at my husband "we're flooded", "yeah right" was his reaction. "No, seriously, WE ARE FLOODED". Never saw him move so fast!!

Luckily, the local farmers were out in the Loadall shifting earth to create a bank to divert the torrent of water from coming into our garden.

Thank god, it worked. We only had a wet porch floor. The rest of the house was dry.

The farmer told us that had they not have diverted the water away from our house, we would have been flooded in a few seconds. Phew!
I don't normally swear, but have to say that I have had a bloody crap week. Everything has been going wrong in the last few days; lost alot of money from the show, someone broke my gazebo and replacement parts didn't come in time for the Dundee show, other deliveries didn't arrive, my new kiln still hasn't arrived, ran out of time to make stock ........ the list continues!!
In fact, I just didn't have a good feeling about going to the Dundee show. I didn't have the usual enthusiasm and even commented to the hubby, that if he didn't want to go, we could stay home - this is very unusual for me. However, we were so glad to be home, especially after the flooding problems. As the hubby said "we made the right decision to come home".

Anyway, I will now be attending the Huntly Hairst tomorrow, someone left a messaeg to ask if I could attend to fill a last minute cancellation. Hopefully I can recoup some money.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx


jolicious said...

How awful! At least you are safe and you got back home in time in case you needed to tend to a flooded house! :-)

Purple Sparkle said...

Oh poor you!! That's terrible! So glad you're home safe and dry, and hope you're making a fortune at the show today x

Glamglass said...

Thank goodness your house is ok and you are all safe! It's a pain when relying on the weather!! I think my fair next week is cancelled and I think I may lose £120 I paid to attend!! Still get to spend a full weekend with my kids as I working most others this month!
Hope you had a good day today!

Mel P said...

Holy moly, what a nightmare for you. Sending big dry (((((((hugs))))))), not much help I know but that is all I can fit down the wire :0) xxxxxxx

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

oh my goodness - what a bloody nightmare :0( thank god for the lovely men creating a flood barrier a floode house would've been awful, i really hope you do well at you fair x

Gemma said...

Eeek! Poor you and what lovely farmers to divert the flood water for you. Big hugs xxx

Pips said...

What a terrible weekend for you.

So glad your house was not flooded though.

Hope the show yesterday went some way to making the whole thing a bit better!

Gill said...

Thank goodness you are all ok and the house was not badly flooded!! I do hope you had a better weekend! At least the forecast for this week is a bit drier!! Gx