Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Tidy Studio - At last

I've been so busy of late, that my studio has become very untidy and have to say, this causes more stress than anything else. I'm losing stuff, tripping, and cutting myself - no wonder I'm stressed. It's quite embarrassing showing such disarray:

Very Untidy!
My working surface - lack thereof!!
Hubby has saved the day once again - over the weekend he said "just popping out", about an hour later, he arrived home with a van full of cabinets. He bought some cabinets and a worktop for my studio and kindly set about putting it all together in the afternoon. I think he was fed up with me losing stuff and seeing a very untidy room, so decided to surprise me with storage. What a surprise and it has made the world of difference - in mind and being - the room feels completely changed:

Ahh, that's better - I feel much better now!

I have enough storage for my new branded boxes, packaging, new stock and completed jobs.

I love these little jars of glass frit (crushed glass), it brightens the room:

Now, as I'm feeling raring to go, I had better go and make some more glass goodies.

My daughter was quite unwell end of last week and had to rush her to the doctors, so a little behind of my work. But she's alot better now and back to her normal gorgeous self.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy xx


Natalie said...

Hi Kathyrn
Had to chuckle at your photos, as I didn't dare show you my workstuff because of the clutter! I feel so much better that it's not just me that has been tripping over stuff. Can't wait to see your stuff at the Coast festival. Nat x

Purple Sparkle said...

Fab cabinets!
Thank you for sharing the 'before' pics. Makes me feel better, I always think I must be the only one with a tip of a studio! Although yours is lovely and tidy now... maybe I am... ;-) x

Mel P said...

I am sooo please that I am not the only untidy one! My work space doubles as our spare bedroom so I go into panic meltdown whenever someone is coing to stay:) I am glad that your baby is better, mine is full of ear infection and tonsillitus at the mo, he ulternates between vile and snuggly. Have fun in your beautiful tidy new studio xx

Caz said...

Ahhh what a kind hubby you have!

Gail said...

What a thoughtful hubby you have. Mine just leaves me to get on with it! And I have to say, the tidier I am the harder it is to find things, lol! Love those fishes...

Gail x