Sunday, 3 May 2009

Next Event - The COAST Art Festival

Now that the Aviemore Trade Show is over - phew, I will of course be busy with orders for the next couple of weeks.

I applied to the COAST Art Festival earlier this year to ask if I could exhibit. The organiser appreciated my work and I have been accepted to appear in their art exhibition. The festival will be running from 22nd - 25th May (inclusive) with a variety of events; sand sculpting, textile art workshops, metal cating workshop, even childrens art workshops.

COAST Festival has been designed to build on the existing interest and demand for creative activity in the Banffshire coast area, notably the existence and activities of Duff House which hosts collections of the National Galleries and the growing demand for arts-tourism in the area whereby visitors can participate in art courses as well as having the opportunity to view and celebrate art created by others.COAST has a strong professional structure designed to drive forward the implementation of the Festival. It is run by The Banffshire Visual Arts Festival Ltd, a company set up by a voluntary Board of Directors consisting of local Business people and Artists. COAST also has a public Festival Forum Group made up of local artists, business people and other members of the community who contribute to shaping the event and where appropriate, this group includes a representative from Aberdeenshire Council's Arts Development Team and the Manager of Duff House Country House Gallery.
Slimming World - Weigh-in Results: I have been busy over the last couple of weeks and haven't posted my results. Two weeks ago I stayed the same and last week I lost another 2 pounds. Total weight loss so far - 11.5 lbs (and had a huge chilli burger and chips on the way home from the trade show - to celebrate all my orders, oh and a bar of chocolate!). I don't know if I will lose this week as we went out for a very delicious meal last night with lots of wine and champagne - hick. Well, it was our anniversary.
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy xx

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Nicola said...

Congratulations on
1) The Trade Show
2) The Anniversary
3) The weight loss
4) The blog award I just gave you :)
Nic x