Thursday, 7 May 2009

Not Now Mummy - I'm Working

Where would I be without my laptop - I have to say it's my saviour. It was a birthday present from my hubby (one of the better ideas he's had!!).

I popped out of the front room to make a cup of coffee, walked back in and saw a little person on the sofa with my laptop. "What do you think you're doing, young lady" I said, to which she replied "working on puter", pressing the keys frantically. Well, I just cracked up, bless her, she's not even two yet. She hears it from me, when she wants a story read to her, I'm usually quite busy and usually say "not now baby, Mummy's working". So you can guess where she picked it up from.

Now, I put the 'puter' down, as she calls it, and I always read her stories.

Slimming World - weigh-in results: I put on 0.5 lb this week, but wasn't at all surprised after going out for a beautiful meal at the Craigellachie Hotel - it was our anniversary last Saturday, so we had a bit of the blow out (well, I did anyway) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy xx


Nicola said...

Awww bless her that's such a cute picture!
Nic xx

Mel P said...

Awsomw picture, that is one for her 18th birthday:) .5lbs is good considering you had a blow out meal you must have been really strict with yourself the rest of the week x

jolicious said...
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jolicious said...

deleted last post as made mistakes! Meant to say what a cute and lovely picture!

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Thanks, she is so adorable and cute (but I am biast)!

Mel P said...

Hi Lovely, I have tagged you if you want to pop over and see xx