Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Glass Circle Cutter - Update

These are my first attempts of using the Easy Cut Circle Cutter. A great little tool and makes cutting circles so easy - the only trouble is then getting clean cuts. You can see that the edges are slightly jagged, which does not really matter when glass fusing as the glass becomes molten and all edges become smooth and rounded anyway.
You can see by the photo above that you can create really small circles.
However if you were using stained glass, you would need to have near perfect circles. I was lucky enough to have a person visit my blog who gave me some very useful information:
"If the glass is transparent (or semi-transparent), you can flip the glass over and place it on a piece of very short pile carpet) press on the "cut line" and you will see the glass "run" as you press. Continue all the way around and your circle will be much smoother when you flip it back over and score your "run off" lines - per the instructions. Let me know if this works"
I tried this technique and it works. My circles now have a smoother finish and do not require any grinding. Making circles is so much easier now!
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy xx

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