Saturday, 30 August 2008

New Items - Labyrinth (Electric Blue)

I have added some new items to my website - these are listed as Labyrinth - Electric Blue. They are fused dichroic glass which have then been wire wrapped in an electric blue wire. They look oustanding in bright blue. See for yourself -

Let me know what you think - it will be interesting to hear your feedback.

I will hopefully be adding some more shortly. I a little short of time at the moment as I am busy building up stock for my 3 day event in Dundee - yikes! Panic springs to mind. Once this event is over I should be able to relax a little!


saraeden said...

Just followed the link from the forum and i have to say they are lovely !!!

saraeden said...

Hiya thanks for visiting my blog and sorry i didnt reply on the forum !!
Thank you also for the kind comments and yes i am planning to sell them , up to now i have just made them a gifts but i think they may sell well fingers crossed !!
Thanks once again , Sara x

martita said...

wow... I would wear them with a pleasure :) stunning!