Sunday, 24 August 2008

Harley Davidson Rally at Aviemore

Thought I would share the events of today with you. We visisted the Harley Rally in Aviemore and had a fantastic day. When we arrived we were hungry so had breakfast in Roo's Leap and then walked to the Highland Resort where all the excitement was taking place. Whilst looking around the trade stands, we came across a motorcycle club that were organising charity rides in the afternoon. Well, I just had to have a ride on a Harley! We were frantically trying to find out how to get tickets and where from. Eventually the club set up a table in the car park and we patiently waited. We were near the front so had a good choice of what Harley to ride. The club member asked me what type of Harley I wanted to ride - well, I didn't want the big style ones (like the Goldwing), so I replied 'one like a hog'. She said I know which one, so took me by the hand and led me to a fantastic Harley - I think it was a soft tail. It was very noisy and fast. My mum (who's nearly 60) also had a ride on a Harley - she rode pillion on a tourer. We will definitely be visiting again next year.

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