Monday, 8 September 2008

The Great British Craft Tour

I had a visit from Roseanna Wyatt & Tjobbe Andrews from The Great British Craft Tour tonight. They are travelling the country, stopping off at crafters/artists/makers places of work/homes/gallerys/shops and presenting them on their website.

They spent some time here and took lots of photos and notes about me and my craft. Tjobbe commented on how the dichroic glass that I use is stunning. I gave them the low down on how it was invented (by NASA) and how I use it. I gave them two of my Labyrinth (Electric Blue) necklaces for their prize draw/auction.

It was great meeting them and quite envious of their tour around Britain visiting crafters and artists. I've always wanted a VW Camper myself. When they left me at 9pm they were just off to their campsite for the night and catch up with their admin for the website. They are off to Cullen Crafts tomorrow. I hope they have a great journey.

To keep up to date with the Great British Craft Tour visit their website:


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Kiamyka said...

Hi Kathryn
Great to see you were visited too _ I will check it out when you are posted I wasnlt aware of the Prize Draw i will have to get back in touch with them
xx Chris