Monday, 7 May 2012

Enjoying Turbine Walk

I recently had a trip out delivering some glass work for an exhibition and took advantage of the fine weather.  We dropped in to the Boyndie Visitor Centre near Banff where we had a light lunch, then headed outside to the gardens.  There was a notice 'Turbine Walk' so followed by path and walked up close and personal with the huge wind turbines.

 As you can see the pathway was covered with this yellow gorse and the air distinctively smelt of coconut from the flowers.  It was like taking a trip through a Caribbean island! 

Even my daughter was enjoying herself out in the fresh air! (and eating her lolly)

Not wanting to start a political/environmental debate here, but I think these giant structures are quite graceful.  Coming from Cornwall, we have lived with these structures for many years and have always been captivated by them. 

It was a very pleasant day away from work and the studio (something that does not happen often)!

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx


Terri Bunn said...

I also like the turbines, they remind me of ladies doing cartwheels in long dresses! not sure why and I am a bit crazy.
Whereabouts in Cornwall do you come from, I am in St. Ives and just starting my glass studio
I love your work and hope I will be as successful as you are.

Kathryn Abrahams said...

Thanks for visiting Terri, notice you visiting my Facebook page too, thanks. Will now come and visit you blog.