Tuesday, 7 February 2012

UK Designers Fit for a Queen - Madonna

Never one to big up Madonna, after all she doesn't really need it! But, after all the hype from the weekend I decided to watch the Super Bowl half time show. And show it certainly was! A great performance by the Queen of Pop, Madonna, but was also in awe of the stage set. After some internet research, I found that UK designers were commissioned to make part of her set. The designers, Jimmie Martin, are based in Kensington, London and make some wonderfully quirky products from chairs, beds, cabinets to cushions:
It is great to see a pop icon using UK designers who's main business is to transform old pieces of furniture in to unique items with their urban style.
Not only are Jimmie Martin edgy designers, they are British! And I'm all for supporting UK designers/makers - Buy British!!
Kathryn, Lazy daisy Glass xx

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