Thursday, 2 February 2012

POP-tastic! A Great Marketing Campaign

Did you know it was National Bubblewrap Week this week? I'm not kidding, it really was! A local creative company decided to have some marketing fun when they sent out these POP! cards to their clients. The card came in a bright orange envelope, wrapped in bubblewrap and sealed with a small orange sticky dot. I couldn't wait to open mine as I was absolutely intrigued to see what it was. So, did I POP it, SQUEEZE it, or TWIST it?
I have to admit, I'm a TWISTER! I love nothing more that to get hold of a handful of bubblewrap, scrunch it up and twist, making lots of popping noises at once! It does seem so childish, but who doesn't do it??The reason for all the orange colour-coded accessories - the company's corporate colours. Added impact! I contacted the owner Clare of Clock Studio and asked her what she wanted to achieve by sending these POP-tastic cards. She responded "It was a KIT campaign -Keep In Touch. A fun way of connecting with around 60 clients, just to say hello and a reminder that I'm still here should they need anything. Trying to get people to interact via social media was an add on really - an additional way to start an interaction. Its been an interesting exercise".
This is why it pays to talk to experienced people like Clare who can help with great (and unusual) marketing campaigns. After all, they are the experts. The campaign certainly had me going and others to.
People were commenting on it on Facebook and it certainly did make people interact! All in all, a successful campaign, and such fun for ALL.
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

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