Thursday, 31 March 2011

Screen Printing on Glass Workshop

I had a fantastic day recently, visiting Rachel Elliott Glassworks in Edinburgh. I travelled down to Edinburgh the evening before, Rachel came to meet me at the hotel and we headed in to town for something to eat. She even gave me a small guided tour of the City. Edinburgh Castle was beautifully lit against the dark night sky and then on to the Indian restaurant. A delicious meal too! I thoroughly enjoyed my screen printing course at Rachel's studio. We caught up on business stuff and covered quite a bit of glass stuff too. These were the designs I made on to glass. They had not been cleaned at this point: Washing the paint from the screen:

I loved all the designs, but particularly like the skulls (below) and made this one in to a coaster:

Thank you to Rachel for being a perfect host and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it past far too quickly. I headed back home the same day, so a flying visit. Hopefully next time I travel to Edinburgh, it will be a little longer to take in some of the sites by day.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

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Flyingcheesetoastie said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself and learnt things from my constant ramblings!

See you soon,

Rachel x