Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Valentines Day - Gift Ideas

That romantic time of year will soon be upon us once again, so what will you be buying for your loved one? Here are some new designs created for that special someone in your life. The dish above 'Steampunk Heart' is a trinket dish, measuring 12cm x 12cm and available here. It is a clear glass dish with a copper inclusion to create the image.
Another design is the 'Frit Heart' above, combining copper inclusions with a lovely bright red heart. This is also a trinket dish measuring 12cm x 12cm and available here.

Moving on to my fused glass tiles, as above. These are small tiles measuring 6cm x 6cm that are given as love tokens and can be used as a paperweight or desktop decoration. This design is a modern take on love, called 'Heart U' and available here.

Another fused glass tile available (above) is this 'Frit Heart' made from bright red crushed glass. Measuring 6cm x 6cm and available here.
These 'Blush' Heart Hangers are made using copper heart inclusions with a sprinkling of pink. The pink is transparent so a subtle addition. The hangers measure 12cm x 5cm and ready to hang in your window or against a wall, available here.
These are some of the ideas available on Lazy Daisy Glass, but remember don't just wait until Valentines Day to show your love to that special person. It should be throughout the year! - My romantic side now kicking in (hope the hubby is reading this!).
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

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Wow! These are really awesome!