Thursday, 15 July 2010

Our Favourite Place for Coffee (and Cake)

Thirteen Moons at the Mill of Towie is a wonderful place to visit for lunch or just coffee. It is a sustainable cafe and smallholding. Our daughter loves it there as she can run around (safely) feeding the ducks and chickens and even collect eggs from the hens (which she finds the most exciting). You cannot beat freshly laid free range eggs, especially when cooked in a bacon and egg roll - yummy. The food is very generous and very tasty and the environment is peaceful - in the middle of the country (apart from the cockerels, but you get used to them). Here are some of the residents:
You even get an audience when eating - the chickens expecting scraps!

The ducks were so cute - resting their beeks on the water bath in the hot sun

The pigs are even friendly, but they escaped out of the normal residence
and now have to keep the goat company in his pen
Dawn and Richard who run the cafe/restaurant also own a pack of huskies, which they race. They are such beautiful-looking creatures.
Thirteen Moons also support local art and craft workers by selling their stock. You will even find Lazy Daisy Glass stock at Thirteen Mooons.
So, if you are in the Keith locality, please visit Thirteen Moons, you will not be disappointed.
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

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