Sunday, 10 January 2010

Experimenting and Tidy Up

I've been experimenting lately with my latest mould and also my core drill bits. My core drills have been so good, I haven't had any mishaps (yet). I have been drilling lots of holes in hangers and it's been going very well. However, I did invest in some good quality diamond drill bits. And this has certainly paid off.
I've even managed to have a tidy up in the studio - this is my table for scribbling new ideas:
My cold working worktop:
Snow update - we actually had a day and night without snow - hooray!!
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx


Joy Funnell said...

Well I have been in my workshop but mine looks an absolute mess compared to yours! Maybe I should spend some time tidying. Too much to do and too little time :)

Nicola said...

My workshops an absolute bombsite
can you come and tidy mine too please :)
Nic x

Azure Islands Designs said...

Wow...your work shop/table look whole studio area looks like a disaster hit fact I woke up thinking "you have to get at that room" but far today I haven't!!!


Azure Islands Designs said...

PS...forgot to mention...thank goodness you've had a day and night with out snow!!!!!!!!!