Thursday, 18 June 2009

Royal Cornwall Show - Update

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of posts lately - have been extremely busy with orders (satill am - they just keep coming).

Well, it seems an era since returning from the Royal Cornwall Show - I have to say that I was a tad disappointed with sales. With such a high footfall, I was expecting good results, but alas, they never came. Also, there were 8 (if I remember) glass artists within the marquee, which is a lot of competition. After day one, I decided to reduce my prices (after a very nice man, and fellow glass artist advised) - he informed me that there are alot of glass artists in Cornwall and compeition is very high. Whereas, I have relatively no competition in my area.

The third day proved to be a lot better, but think that the rain drove people in to the marquee and people started spending, yippee.

Anyway, it wasn't all doom and gloom - I was situated next to Jon Cleave, creator of Gully - a series of childrens books. Jon is a talented bloke, as well as being the author, he's illustrator and publisher of his own books, and a real character (he had us in stiches). Not only that, he brought his friend along on Friday - actor Ian McNeice - he plays Bert in Doc Martin. I bought a couple of books from Jon and had them signed by himself and Ian McNeice. Proper job!

Jon Cleave (author) and Ian McNeice (above)

We were camping on site and this was also a family affair - some family members joined us and we had a ball. Although I was busy, I didn't have much time for anything other than work and sleep.

Our new 6 berth tent - loads of room

The view from our pitch - looking down to Padstow

Overall, weather was good, caught up with family, met an author and actor, ate a Cornish pasty (OMG I miss them so much!!) and had a chat with some old friends.

I'm glad to say that my next event is the Portsoy Boat Festival which is only 30 minutes away.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy xx

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eve said...

Pity you had to reduce your prices, but at least you managed some sales, have found that on quite a few peoples blogs, the fairs you think will be good are the ones you are taking the least amount of money, hope the next one is better plus it is alot closer,