Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Felted Picture - Dexter & Magnum

My neighbour came running in earlier today showing off her picture. It's made of felt and is 3D. Unfortunately, it's impossible to get a true image of the picture, but can assure you that it is spectacular.
I know the artist, Joanna Pass -

She works from photos of pets and creates these fantastic 3D images in felt and have to say that they are so like the pets she is copying. The picture my neighbour had done was of her two dogs; Irish Wolfhound and Deerhound. If you are looking for something different, as everyone has a portrait done in paint, this would be a great gift idea - it's certainly unique.


Suzanne Vaughan said...

That is gorgeous! I really like it.

martita said...

you have talented neighbour! :)