Thursday, 23 June 2011

Community Project - Portknockie Primary School

I have been working on a community project over a couple of months, where I made four glass art panels for a local school. As you can see from the above photo, the panels complete and installed.

I met a local teacher, Tom Hay from Portknockie Primary School, at a local craft fair and we started talking about glass fusing and that he was interested in learning about it. I mentioned that I wanted to be involved in a community project with a school, his school was working on the theme 'Made in Scotland' and we discussed the possibility of working together. One thing lead to another. I then visited Portknockie Primary and did three 30 minute presentations to each group, explaining the process.

The School ran a design competition, where all the pupils took part and made collage-type pictures of what the village of Portknockie meant to them. There was some fantastic pictures and I was lucky to be one of the judges too. Above - the judging panel.

From the design chosen and in hand, I cut all the designs out of glass back in the studio. I returned a short time later, where the pupils had some hands-on experience by sticking bits of glass to the panels and the youngest ones, cut out fish, seaweed and jellyfish out of copper foil and sprinkled glass frit to the borders.

One of the talented artists (above) painting the little happy fisherman on to the glass.

I also made the plaque displayed below the panels (above).

Each panel measures 600 x 400mm - they make a great display on the wall in the library at Portknockie School.

The panels installed (above) - I think the children have created some beautiful pieces of art!

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx


Starfish Studio said...

What a fantastic project, it looks absolutely great. It must be very satisfying to know that this will be on display at the school forever :)
Kate x

Jan Harrison said...

These are brilliant Kathryn. I love how they have included Bowfiddle Rock too. The colours are stunning and the children are so talented. Great work! Jan