Monday, 12 October 2009

Chocolate Week - What's your Favourite??

Did you know it's chocolate week?

Nor did I, until I saw a feature in a magazine at the weekend. There was even a 2 day chocolate event in London to celebrate (if only I lived closer, I would have been first in line!!).

How to recognise good chocolate
The quality and provenance of the cocoa beans and the manufacturing process is vital just as it is for fine wines.The country of origin & quality of the cocoa bean is far more important than the country in which chocolate is made. If your chocolate is primarily sold on the basis of the country it was made in, you are probably buying overpriced, low grade chocolate.Ideally chocolate should contain a minimum cocoa content of 60%+ for dark and 30%+ for milk. However, just because a chocolate contains 70% cocoa does not mean it is good – if the cocoa beans, original ingredients and the production processes are not good, then you are not buying good chocolate.Chocolate shouldn’t really contain anything you don’t recognise - so if you see an ‘e’ number, artificial preservatives or hydrogenated fats, think again... (Information taken from the Chocolate Week website)

As chocolate is so near to my heart (any belly), I thought I might tempt you with some chocolate goodies:
Chocolate & Fuscia Baby Bootees - Funky Shapes
(not quite edible, but delicious all the same)
Chocolate Cupcakes - Cancer Research UK

Chocolate Cupcake Wooden Hanger - Hutch Potch

Chocolate Bag - Retro Faerie
Chocolate Eclairs - Woolly Duck
I hoped that tickled your taste buds!!
As I'm feeling so generous at the moment (doesn't happen often), I will also be giving away your favourite chocolate bar. If you would like to be in with a chance of winning, just leave a comment letting me know what your favourite chocolate is. International entries welcome!!
Please also feel free to enter my earlier blog giveaway.
Good luck
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx


Mel P said...

Mmmmmm chocolate. I love the Montezum Geranium and their chilli chocolate, fair trade, high cocoa and really scrummy!! Thank you for posting this, I shall now eat chocolate guit free all week :0) xxx

Purple Sparkle said...

I didn't know it was chocolate week, thanks for letting me know, worked out well for my own blog today! ;-)
Seeing the above comment reminded me about Montezuma's milk chocolate buttons, they are the best!! But they're not a chocolate bar.. I think my favourite chocolate bar at the moment is Wispa Gold. I could write a huge list, but I think I'll stick with that one! Hope you had a great birthday! :-) x

Carolee Crafts said...

Yumm! these look good my favourite is Galaxy, just love that creamy taste.

K S Jewellery Designs said...

Hey Kathryn, have you been too busy gobbling chocolate to see you won my blog giveaway last week? Come to my blog to claim your prize!!!
Kristin :)

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