Wednesday, 21 January 2009

My New Tool -Dremel 300

This is my new workshop tool - the Dremel 300 series. It's a great little tool for doing all sorts of jobs, such as drilling, grinding, polishing, cutting. I will use it more for polishing my new range of jewellery. I will shortly be making fine silver pendants and adding some dichroic glass cabochons. The creations will then go into my kiln to be fired and annealed. I have recently been asked to create some hearts from fine silver so they can sell for valentines and add to their handmade silver collection. I am also in the process of being registered with the Assay Office in Edinburgh to enable me to sell my fine silver. If fine silver is over 7.78gm in weight, it is mandatory for the pieces to be hallmarked. The Assay Office will also be creating a makers punch for my future creations. This is really exciting.

Once I get practicing with the fine silver, I will post some photos here. Watch this space!!
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy

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Kiamyka said...

Hi Kathryn, You will soon wonder how you worked without it. I love my Dremel haha
xx Chris