Sunday, 23 November 2008

Woke up to this - It's snowing

Woke up Saturday morning to a crisp white scene. It was fantastic as I love snow, but only for playing in. Unfortunately I had to drive to Elgin Library to their Christmas craft fair. I was dreading it. I panic and get very tense when driving in snow. I set off to Keith to join the main A96. We live in a rural hamlet which is five miles from anywhere, so the road to Keith can be a bit tricky. And sure enough, it was. I couldn't go any faster than 30 miles an hour, even dropping to 20 in places. I made it to the fair in one piece and had a good day. However, the journey was another tricky one. Had to have a few rums to calm the nerves (medicinal purposes). Sunday was still snowy and we had more snow over night. I took some photos to show you the scenery from our house - it is quite spectacular. Attended another fair today, but wasn't as successful. I don't think anyone wanted to venture out in the cold snowy weather. The roads were not half as bad today, so a huge relief.

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Rubyred said...

Hi Kathryn, no worries about the award thing, we all have so much going on at this time of year that it can wait. We didn't get snow only driving horrible rain. Mind you I'm a soft southerner from London originally so am petrified of driving in the car in snow, I thought you would be more used to it!! ;0)