Friday, 30 October 2009

Fired with Imagination - Blog Giveaway

Joy Funnell over at Fired with Imagination is having a great giveaway - you could be in with a chance of winning this beautiful Purple Heart. The heart is made from Art Clay Silver with an enamelled purple centre.

You should check out Joy's work, she is a fantastic art clay silver artist and produces some wonderful jewellery.

Hurry, the giveaway ends this weekend. Good luck

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Thursday, 29 October 2009

A Nice Day Out

I visited Logie Steading today as I had an order to drop off - the weather was so wonderful that I took the daughter to play in the play park, then we talked to the horses and Highland cows (or hairy cows as my daughter calls them). Logie Steading and Estate is in such a beautiful location - in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields and trees. Here's the Highland Cow:

I then drove on to Nairn - a lovely seaside town. I dropped off some more stock for Caledonian Craft Connections and then decided to go to the beach. If it's nice weather I always take my daughter to the beach for a run around. The weather was lovely and mild, just a little cloudy.

We came across this mermaid in the sand - isn't it fab. Someone took along time to create this masterpiece.

The beach also gave me an opportunity to take some photos of my popular Lazy Bones fish:

I will be exhibiting at Scotland's Trade Fair in January at the SECC, Glasgow and have been lucky enough to have been selected and will be featured in trade magazines. Hence the need to take some photos at the beach - Lazy Bones fish above.
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Friday, 23 October 2009

Dichroic Cabochons

These are some of the dichroic cabochons I have recently been making - stocking up for Christmas.

This is a busy time of year for me, as I attend local craft fairs, coffee mornings etc and will be attending the Glasgow Christmas Show on 19/20 December. A two day event in the Royal Concert Halls - I haven't done this event before, so fingers crossed there will be lots of last minute shoppers.

I have made some of these slider pendants:

I bought a few of the silver mounted pendants to try back in the summer - they sold really quickly, so I will now be adding them to my website (later tonight). They look great hanging on leather thong - it really suits this design of pendant.

The circular patterned pendants are also very popular and usually sell quickly. Will be adding these to my website over the next couple of days.
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Blog Giveaway - Winners

I have been running two giveaways lately - the first was to win the craft goodies, along with the Raspberry Ripple pendant and the other was to win your favourite chocolate bar (as it was Chocolate Week last week).

I'm pleased to say that the winner of the craft/pendant giveaway was Purple Sparkle Crafts (picked at random through - which picked No. 1). This is one of the pendants that Rebecca at Purple Sparkle will be receiving - yummy, Raspberry Ripple.And the winner of the chocolate bar giveaway was Carolee Crafts, as there were only three entries, it was easy enough to write their tickets out.

Well done ladies - please contact me with your address.

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Monday, 12 October 2009

Chocolate Week - What's your Favourite??

Did you know it's chocolate week?

Nor did I, until I saw a feature in a magazine at the weekend. There was even a 2 day chocolate event in London to celebrate (if only I lived closer, I would have been first in line!!).

How to recognise good chocolate
The quality and provenance of the cocoa beans and the manufacturing process is vital just as it is for fine wines.The country of origin & quality of the cocoa bean is far more important than the country in which chocolate is made. If your chocolate is primarily sold on the basis of the country it was made in, you are probably buying overpriced, low grade chocolate.Ideally chocolate should contain a minimum cocoa content of 60%+ for dark and 30%+ for milk. However, just because a chocolate contains 70% cocoa does not mean it is good – if the cocoa beans, original ingredients and the production processes are not good, then you are not buying good chocolate.Chocolate shouldn’t really contain anything you don’t recognise - so if you see an ‘e’ number, artificial preservatives or hydrogenated fats, think again... (Information taken from the Chocolate Week website)

As chocolate is so near to my heart (any belly), I thought I might tempt you with some chocolate goodies:
Chocolate & Fuscia Baby Bootees - Funky Shapes
(not quite edible, but delicious all the same)
Chocolate Cupcakes - Cancer Research UK

Chocolate Cupcake Wooden Hanger - Hutch Potch

Chocolate Bag - Retro Faerie
Chocolate Eclairs - Woolly Duck
I hoped that tickled your taste buds!!
As I'm feeling so generous at the moment (doesn't happen often), I will also be giving away your favourite chocolate bar. If you would like to be in with a chance of winning, just leave a comment letting me know what your favourite chocolate is. International entries welcome!!
Please also feel free to enter my earlier blog giveaway.
Good luck
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Friday, 9 October 2009

Blog Giveaway

I've decided to have another giveaway - to celebrate two things; it's my birthday this weekend and I will be hitting another milestone on my blog (10,000 visitors).

That seemed a good enough reason to hold a giveaway.

It's a 'crafty' giveaway this time with some paper crafting supplies; Christmas scrapbook paper, glitter, butterfly, felt and sparkly embellishments, ornate rubber stamp (not in photo) AND one of my fused glass pieces of course. One of these Raspberry Ripple pendants:

For your chance to be in with a chance to win all these goodies, simply leave a comment and tell me what your favourite cake is - no doubt I will be indulging in lots of birthday cake on Sunday!!
Open to international visitors also - don't be shy!!
Good luck
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Monday, 5 October 2009

Studio Update

My studio is coming along nicely (the above photo is the entrance corridor). The hubby has worked really hard getting it ready - he has just laid the floating floor and done the taping/jointing.
Against the far wall is where the kiln will be (above)
I'm really pleased with it and it's a great space. It has taken a long time, but hubby does work full time, then he comes home and works on the studio evenings and weekends (mostly).

It's nearly ready for my spanking new kiln - I just can't wait to start using it.
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Blog Giveaway

If you like giveaways, you'll love this one.

Over at KS Jewellery Design you could be in with a chance to win these 'Lilac Little' beauties, BUT with a custom made option, so you can even choose your own stones to suit you.

And if you're thinking to yourself that you never win anything, why bother - I have recently won TWO giveaways and have received some beautiful items.

Go on, it's worth a go...

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass xx

Thursday, 1 October 2009

HOTP - Magazine Commission

Just a quick post :

Great news - I have been approached by a monthly jewellery magazine to do a commission item with a tutorial. I am now waiting on further instructions, but can't wait to start.

I think it will be featured next month - which will tie in well with Christmas.

Once the details have been finalised I will provide information.

Until this space!!

Kathryn, Lazy Daisy Glass, xx