Saturday, 30 August 2008

New Items - Labyrinth (Electric Blue)

I have added some new items to my website - these are listed as Labyrinth - Electric Blue. They are fused dichroic glass which have then been wire wrapped in an electric blue wire. They look oustanding in bright blue. See for yourself -

Let me know what you think - it will be interesting to hear your feedback.

I will hopefully be adding some more shortly. I a little short of time at the moment as I am busy building up stock for my 3 day event in Dundee - yikes! Panic springs to mind. Once this event is over I should be able to relax a little!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Harley Davidson Rally at Aviemore

Thought I would share the events of today with you. We visisted the Harley Rally in Aviemore and had a fantastic day. When we arrived we were hungry so had breakfast in Roo's Leap and then walked to the Highland Resort where all the excitement was taking place. Whilst looking around the trade stands, we came across a motorcycle club that were organising charity rides in the afternoon. Well, I just had to have a ride on a Harley! We were frantically trying to find out how to get tickets and where from. Eventually the club set up a table in the car park and we patiently waited. We were near the front so had a good choice of what Harley to ride. The club member asked me what type of Harley I wanted to ride - well, I didn't want the big style ones (like the Goldwing), so I replied 'one like a hog'. She said I know which one, so took me by the hand and led me to a fantastic Harley - I think it was a soft tail. It was very noisy and fast. My mum (who's nearly 60) also had a ride on a Harley - she rode pillion on a tourer. We will definitely be visiting again next year.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Fused Glass Workshops

I have been approached by Puddleduck Patch at Cullen to carry out workshops at their premises. The first is on Saturday 18 October (time to be confirmed) with the theme 'Under the Sea'. Participants will make small window hangers with an ocean scene on them. Bookings are made through Puddleduck Patch, Cullen. This is a great place for quilting, patchwork, embroidery type workshops. They have some examples of workshop items on show and they are fantastic. The other workshop is on Saturday 15 November with a theme of 'All That Glitters'. Participants will make dichroic glass pendants. Why not make some christmas presents for your friends or family. Add a little sparkle to your life! (time to be confirmed). Again bookings are to be made through Puddleduck Patch, Cullen. Examples of what you can make will soon be on show in the shop.

Monday, 18 August 2008

New range - Labyrinth Pendants

Check out my website as I have added some new pendants.

I have named them Labyrinth as they are grid-like which have then been wire wrapped with hot pink wire. They look fantastic with the bright pink wire. It makes a change from silver wire which most people use.

I hope you like them.

I will have to make some more as they sold really well at the weekend. I attended Nairn Highland Games and they were a real hit.

Check back soon.


Welcome to Lazy Daisy Glass' Blog

I've recently started making fused glass items, mainly jewellery and thought it would be a good idea to add a more personal touch by adding a blog. I will let you know when I add new products and any relevant news.

Before fusing glass I worked with stained glass, but soon found that my pieces, although very much admired, were not selling at fairs. I used to make stained glass window hangers and mirrors. So I thought, what is the point of spending hours making such items if they don't sell.

I have always wanted my own kiln for the purpose of using warm glass, so decided I should give it a go. I work with genuine dichroic glass and bullseye glass.

I gave up my full time office job last year as I had my first child. This worked out perfectly as now I can look after my daughter at home, while working on my glass fusing business. A perfect combination - I love being a mum and enjoy spending each day with my daughter yet have the flexibility of working on my small business.

You will find my jewellery is made with passion and pride and guarantee you will like my creations. Check back soon.